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Our Story





About us 

We are a group of Bali locals who are passionate about food and know the importance of consuming fresh, seasonal produce. It is good for your health, and also helps the local community. We source the food directly from Ubud Traditional Market in the early morning hours, and bring it to your doorstep directly at the local market price. The groceries are purchased on the day of delivery to ensure fresh produce. We update the prices every week to ensure the benefit is also passed to our customers. We have joined with a local organic seller to provide organic produce every Saturday. We are committed to deliver fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits to your doorstep and to help the local sellers to grow and reduce your monthly expenditure on groceries. We aim to remove the difficulties faced in procuring the groceries in the early morning hours from the traditional market by delivering them at your doorstop within 24 hours. All of our team members are from Bali and we understand the needs of supporting the local community.



Our most important goal is to deliver all produce fresh and with minimal storage. We do not believe in keeping stock of any item, and believe retailers and middlemen play an important role in making fresh produce available to consumers. According to whatever orders we receive each day, our team lead by Ni Kadek Nari Yanthi go to the morning market and do hand picking of the items so that we assure our customers get the best quality products. We pick each item from different sellers- so that we can help the entire community of local sellers instead of favoring one seller or farmer. The prices vary directly with the local market prices which are updated each week. 



 Buying with us means helping local community. As we do not grow vegetables and our service is focused on making available best quality produce to you. Making use of years of experience, our team visit the morning market everyday and select and hand pick your order items from different sellers. Not only you are buying from the local sellers, but the produce is available to you fresher and cheaper. It is estimate that a person spends an average 2 hours to do grocery shopping in market, and for some it is not possible to go in morning time due to busy work schedule. To summarize you get:

> Fresh Produce
> Least prices for online shopping experience. 
> 24 Hours Delivery service
> Saving hours of time
> Hand picking items means approx 97-100% of items delivered to you will be of good quality. 
> We exchange bad items if due to human error delivered to you. 
> Supporting local community and sellers. 
> Nature friendly service in hand woven bags and banana leaves.